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Hourly wages are the trucking news of the day

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We are an advocate for fair hourly wages

Drivers have only 70 hours per week to make a living although most have to be in the truck 168 hours to get paid for those 70. We should not be expected to donate any of that work time. Just like the teamsters, we should be paid for all times spent on lines 3 and 4.

Since we are strictly governed by the hour, incentive pay is not an option. Hourly pay just makes sense!

Check out my editorial on the home page!

Our plans

We need all of the company drivers to join us in getting the word out to management of all trucking companies that don't already comply so that we can get a dialog with them and make them understand the benefits they will see by doing it this way.

We will also try to lobby our representatives in state and federal government to assist in this venture

Wearing the T-shirt and talking to other interested people will help with this.

Our current deals

Just a one time donation of $30 will get you signed up and you will receive a T-shirt, a sleep alarm to keep you from falling asleep while driving [total value $30]and an I-D card. You will also be on our mail list so we can let you know of our accomplishments and any specials we may find and can share. 

You can sign up for free or you can donate any amount, but a donation of $30 or more is needed for you to receive the gifts.

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Just reported on the news,  the new tax bill will eliminate our meal deductions, NOT GOOD!!!

8-21-17   Reached out to Senator Jim Inhofe to see if he would be interested in helping us with possible changes in the law, if needed, plus anything he would like to add to our quest. 

10-02-17 Heard from Senator Inhofe's office, Promising conversation.


Q. Why donate to us?

A. We will be advertising and spending money to contact company officers and political figures which will all come out of the small donation we receive from you.

Q. Is the donation deductible?

A. no

Q. will the members have any say in what is discussed?

A. Yes, we will have forums and hopefully even face to face meetings as we expand.

Help Your Cause

Your support and contribution will enable us to meet your goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Hourly Wages

This is a post I sent to "The Trucker" magazine with my views on E-Logs

E-logs (rtf)


Join our group and have a voice

You can join with any donation amount but anything less than $30 will just get you a members card. 

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