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Hourly wages are the trucking news of the day

We will need chapter presidents in all major city's so please join and help pass the word

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Pay For ALL On Duty Time !

No more donating our time when we only have a limited amount of it  to make a living. 

[70 hours]

We should be paid hourly for all time spent on lines 3 and 4

Company Drivers have a voice

If we all ban together peacefully we can help make this change for the better

"Drivers for Fair Wages".

Discussions with employers for equal pay.

Help us help you

coming together as a group

Join Your Brothers

Now  company drivers have the opportunity to have what teamsters and independents have, A VOICE !

We plan to lobby for better pay

Chapter presidents needed now!

Editorial on Driver Wages

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Best way to get us for now as  I am a driver too but will change as we grow.